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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sand Art by Peter Donnelly And Andres Amador

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Sand Art by Peter Donnelly


Sand Art by Andres Amador 

Andres Amador has been producing sand art on Ocean Beach in San Francisco for five years and has completed more than 100 pieces. Here are just a few of his cool creations.


Cool Sand Art

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Cool sand art pictures and videos from around the world including works from Jam Denevan and Peter Donnelly. Check out these cool pictures and videos.

Sand Art by Jim Denevan
Jim Denevan is a Northern California artist who makes large scale designs utilizing sand, earth and ice. Using only a stick or rake Denevan creates massive geometric shapes similar to crop circles. From the look of these pictures many of these designs were done at my favorite morning surf spot in San Francisco. Unfortunately he must wake up later than I did because I never got to see one of these first hand.

Desert drawing by Jim Denevan. Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA. Photo: Peter Hinson/Jim Denevan