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Friday, December 3, 2010

Cool Pictures - Tilt Shift Photography

4:28 PM 2 Comments
New York based photographer Bryan Solarski captures cool pictures by traveling the world, photographing and then shrinking them using a popular photographic technique called "tilt-shift". Tilt-shift photography is a process that can make our great big world look like a tiny miniature toy set. Selective focus and shallow depth of field combine to make the large look teeny but they are actual photographs of real places, people and things...

According to Bryan, the aesthetic goal is to have the images look like miniature scenes through the Tilt-shift style of photography. By doing this, the images become more vivacious and inviting. This allows the viewer to discover the locations and enables them to reconnect with childhood by recalling the feeling of living in a smaller world where scale seemed less cumbersome. Viewers can recall creating scenes of playing with Lego's or action figures. These fantastic tilt-shift photographic examples are reminiscent of childhood memories in hopes of inspiring a playful and innocent feature from that time frame into Bryan's images. 

Ballman - World Cup sculpture using 3000 footballs

4:11 PM 0 Comments
Nike continues its cool adverts by creating a huge 'ballman' sculpture made from almost 3,000 footballs suspended from steel wire ropes giving it the illusion that it's floating in the air. The cool sculpture is located inside a shopping centre in Johannesburg, South Africa for the Fifa World Cup. Ballman will stay in place for the whole World Cup tournament, and when dismantled, the plan is that the footballs will be given away. Cool eh!