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Landscape photographer Gavan Goulder has taken beautiful photographs of the Cornwall coastline in England every day, since mid-summer's day 2005. Gavan lives in West Cornwall where I'm also lucky enough to live with my wife. Cornwall is part of Britain renowned for its stunning coastal scenery, dramatic seas and eloquent light. The photos he takes every morning mean you can own a beautifully framed photograph to mark the day of your child's birth. I love the idea and as I'm to be a new father in the second week of October 2009 and will be buying one of these for sure. Take a look at just a few of his beautiful photographs below and video.

"As I gazed at the photograph taken on the day Finn came into the world, I realized that in the stillness of the image there was total perfection" 

Photographing the Sunrise Every Morning, Cornwall, England

Sunrise Pictures 

Gavan says "Getting up at dawn throughout the year has it’s challenges. During the summer months this can be as early 3.45am. I slip on my shorts, check the weather and head off to the location for the day. I am constantly amazed by the light at dawn here in Cornwall. I have been lucky enough to have photographed all over the world but the light here is so special. The winter has it’s different challenges. I get a good lie in compared to the summer but have to deal with the Cornish weather which has plenty of wind and rain but still has that magical light."

You can order any of this photographs to celebrate the birth of your own child or you could give it as a thoughtful, personalised gift to new parents. Cool Christening gift, birth gift or even a Mother's Day gift or Father's Day gift. Check out the website at

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