Most Expensive T Shirt

A cool collection of the world's most expensive t shirts with super cool price tags!

John Lennon “Home” T-Shirt
Cost: $16,400
This t-shirt was worn by John Lennon in the 70s. ‘Home’ was a restaurant he went to often. The owner gave him the shirt, he wore it a few times, it became iconic.

“My Adidas” Run-D.M.C. T-Shirt
Cost: $13,000
This t-shirt is a collaboration between Run DMC and Adidas. It was used for promotional purposes and ended up becoming one of the most wanted concert t-shirts in the world.

Original Woodstock T-Shirt
Cost: $2,000
This tee is one of the original Woodstock promotional shirts given out in the late 60s. Hardcore Woodstock fans would be willing to put up a couple grand for this collectors item.

Simon King Swarovski T-Shirt
Cost: $1,300
This t-shirt has on it a guitar made up of 2,700 Swarovski crystals and is considered the most expensive t-shirt ever made. The above shirts didn’t cost thousands when they were introduced but this one did.

Evisu Riveted Logo Tee
Cost: $225.00
Renowned for their jeans expertise, Evisu crafts denim masterpieces using super premium fabrics and signature detailing. Each piece is a homage to authentic vintage denim.

Grenade Rhinestone Tee
Cost: $185.00
Christian Audigier defines rocker chic with his innovative tattoo-inspired graphic tees.

There are cheaper but cool alternatives. T Shirts from DieselFrench Connection and Topshop will do the job nicely!

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