Perth – “City of the white beache” in Australia

Perth is the main city of Western Australia. Located on the Swan River, a few kilometers from the magnificent beaches of the Indian Ocean. Striking luminosity as the sun is present during almost the whole day. This brings cheerfulness and dynamism to a city which is home to 1.2 million Australians. Of importance, Perth lags behind the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, bringing together more wealth and more populated. Today is one of the most sought after tourist destinations.
The city of Perth offers visitors an idyllic landscape. At this point it appears that Australia gives us time to enjoy a respite at the forefront of nature, indigenous animals of the green, the sun. During the stay will be with us a temperate climate ranging between 18 º, which is recorded during the winter months, and 30 degrees in summer. Temperatures and good weather we can enjoy the many outdoor activities that take place in Perth.
Atmospheric conditions are ideal for leisure. Perth opens a world of possibilities for enjoying 100% of the city.
Meet The City of Perth:
Strolling through the streets we can stop at any hour of the day, their chic restaurants, cafes or eat something in one of the desks to find a pub en route. And among the venues that we should not miss is the Burswood casino, which stays open 24 hours a day. We found him in the heart of town, surrounded by beautiful parks and green spaces, which are also quite common in this town.
The casino offers customers all the services one can imagine, from accommodation to the same level as a five star hotel and some rooms offering views of the Swan River, to conference rooms, recreational facilities, restaurants and bars. The local delicacy that brings private rooms available.
Perth has the peculiarity of getting visitors to satisfy almost everything he wants. We must not let the cultural centers, art and technology. A visit to the curious who are attracted by this land is going into the Mint Perth Mint where you can see the spot, how to mint coins and how it dumps the liquid gold for its manufacture. For those who prefer to enjoy the art, its place is called Art Gallery of Western Australia, where unique items are stored in the Aboriginal art, as well as paintings and sculptures in the country and beyond its borders.
Perth is a city for all tastes. It offers fans of science the opportunity to visit the Scitech Discovery Center, a place dedicated to research and technology. Lost all of its buildings is a delight for those who visit it because its scope is to have 160 pieces that can touch and explore.
Above all, in addition to all the possibilities we have mentioned so far, we must not forget that we are in a city facing the sea. If we refer to its waters and the wonders inherent in its depths, it should be added that in Perth we can travel underwater, watching divers feed the sharks or follow the dance parade. Downtown Underwater World, located north of the commercial center of Perth, offers us this opportunity to discover the underwater world.
Without leaving the city we can see some examples of some of its native animals such as kangaroo or domesticated deer. Most of them can be found at the zoo, where we can lose its network of green paths and gardens. Green spaces are so vast and so beautiful that it is not surprising that local people used to do the picnic on the grass.
Flora and Fauna:
The fauna and flora of Perth are still surprised by his spectacular, but we do not keep us there and the sea. The beaches here are the color of the world that gives the sun. The sand is white, typical of the beaches that are in contact with the Indian Ocean. The nearest town is City Beach, but we also get to Cottesloe, FLOREAT, Scarborough and Sorrento. The Swan River offers small quiet beaches.
Perth is a city full and calm, generous and accommodating with people who make our stay more endearing at this point in Australia. Nature seems to be within our grasp when we got to Perth.

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