Cool 3D Street Art Pictures

A cool collection of 3d pavement/street art pictures from around the world featuring stunning creations of bizarre, funny and artistic works of arts on the streets.

Perhaps the most famous pavement artist on the internet, UK-based Julian Beever has been creating cool pavement drawings since the mid 1990s.

Beever works as a freelance artist and creates murals for companies, having created pieces around the world, from Europe to the US, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

Batman and Robin
This cleverly constructed scene of Batman and Robin scaling the side of a burning building to rescue a real person is another testament to Julian Beever's amazing artist talent and ingenuity when it comes to creating visually deceptive pavement paintings.

The Crevasse

One of the most outstanding achievements in pavement painting must be this enormous crevasse painted by Edgar Muellerin Dun Laoghaire, Ireland for the Festival of World Culture in 2008.

This incredible painting is one of the best examples of optical illusion to date. You really do feel like you will fall into the abyss if you stand too close to edge. Perhaps he should have painted danger signs along the perimeter to warn people of the impending danger.

City in a City
This collaboration between four extraordinarily talented artists stopped pedestrians in their tracks with this outstanding view of the imagined city. Edgar Muller, Marion Ruthardt, Gregor Wosik and Manfred Stader created this masterpiece at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin in just 4 days.

It deceives the observer into believing that they are standing at the top of a skyscraper looking down onto the street below – you can actually feel dizzy as you look down far below into this painted city.

More cool pavement art...

Largest 3D Street Painting
Said to be the largest three dimensional street painting ever created, this amazing optical illusion was the brainchild of Edgar Mueller. Over 280 square meter of pavement was painted by Edgar and a few local artists, and the result is truly spectacular.

Standing at the edge of the enormous waterfall at the end of the painting is sure to make vertigo sufferers feel queasy, whilst those people daring to sit on painted makeshift raft look like they are going to be swept downstream any minute.

Feeding the fish 
Julian Beever is an established pavement painting artist. He has been creating 3D masterpieces for over 10 years and his work is going from strength to strength. In this amazing drawing, Julian has managed to fool the passerby’s eye into believing that the pond is truly three dimensional.

It looks like the child is really sitting in the middle of a sunken pond, ready to feed the fish that are near the surface. Even though the drawing is only two dimensional, looking at it from this angle, there is no way you can convince your mind that it isn’t real.

Anyone who loved reading comic books as a child will instantly love this beautifully drawn picture of Superman. It is another superb anamorphic pavement painting by British pair Joe Hill and Max Lowry.

Bursting out of the pavement, Superman looks positively omnipotent and set to put right the injustices of not only his painted world below, but ours too.

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