Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Decorated by UNESCO as the 8th wonder of the World, this ancient fortress and city that surrounds it is a truly spectacular sight! Sophisticated canal systems, architecture ahead of its time and revolutionary building techniques of the time are all utilized here.
The Sigiriya rock is a hardened magma plug from an extinct and long-eroded volcano.
Due to the rocks overhang, this is a perfect defense fortress. The "Mirror Wall" can also be seen here. This was constructed so when the king walked along side it he could see his reflection. (It is no longer polished like it used to be).
It stands high above the surrounding plain, visible for miles in all directions. The rock rests on a steep mound that rises abruptly from the flat plain surrounding it. The rock itself rises 370 m (1,214 ft) above sea level and is sheer on all sides, in many places overhanging the base.
The partially preserved "Lion's Mouth" entrance. Amazing that humans were able to build something like this at that time.
The fortress has a long lost city all around it, all that remains are these beautiful gardens. Imagine the beauty of this ancient city at its glory!

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